Minbox Lets You Send Files (Way) Faster Than Dropbox

Send Files #FreakingFast with Minbox for Mac

While Dropbox is great for syncing files between your devices, it's slow when it comes to sending files. Minbox, a beautifully designed Mac app, lets you send files of any size in seconds—all for free. No more waiting for the upload to complete; no more accepting shared folder invites to take up space on your computer or in your Dropbox folder. Just drag, drop and send.


  • A lightweight Mac app that sends files faster than Dropbox (and the rest of the competition)
  • Upload speed is at least 2x faster than Dropbox
  • Integrates your Mac or Google address book so sending is even faster
  • Unlimited uploading (any file size, any file type!)
  • Totally Free (files are stored for 30 days)
  • Files are converted into a mobile-friendly web gallery (ideal for photos and video)
  • Upload your RAW photos and they'll be converted into a gorgeous web gallery
  • Upload large videos and they'll be converted to a smaller size — no more exporting!
  • Fast keyboard shortcuts to make the flow even faster!
  • Press and hold the send button to schedule a later delivery time


  • The competition can be slow, limiting and overly-complicated
  • The future of file sharing is instant, free, and unlimited
  • No more shared folders filling up hard drives
  • No more waiting for uploads to complete
  • Free! Stop constantly shelling out for expensive plans!


  • Minbox is designed for the creative professional who sends large files on a daily basis
  • Has specific features for photographers, videographers, designers etc
  • Can be used by anyone who loves FAST


  • Secret sauce (email us and we'll tell you!)
  • Take a spin through the process here.

Minbox was founded by Alexander Mimran and Michael Lawlor, previous founders of Penzu.com (1M registered users, profitable).  It's backed by George Zachary (CRV), Dave Cohen (Bullettime Ventures), Matt Ocko, Jeff Zucker (President of CNN), Tim Young (Socialcast), Ben Chestnut (Mailchimp), and others.

""With all due respect to sync services like Dropbox, the industry needs a lightweight alternative for direct transfer. Minbox gets it done at groundbreaking speeds. As we like to say around here, it's freaking fast!"" Alexander Mimran
""When it comes to file-sharing, the world is focused on 'backup' and 'sync', but a large component to the cloud-storage space is neglected... that's 'send'. We all send files on a daily basis and believe there are still too many pain points associated with the process—we're focused on easing that pain."" Alexander Mimran
""Never underestimate the importance of fast."" Eric Schmidt
"“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”" John Maeda
""Minbox Is YouSendIt On Speed."" Tech Crunch
""Minbox: The way file-sharing should work."" Pando Daily
About Minbox

Founded in 2012 by Alexander Mimran & Michael Lawlor, Minbox is a free, no-limits, #freakingfast file-sharing app for Macs that's disrupting the competiton and owning the send space.

The duo previously founded Penzu, an online diary and personal journaling app that boasts over a million users.

Minbox is currently backed by some of the biggest names in tech, including Charles River Ventures, Dave Cohen (Bullet Time Ventures), RHO Ventures and notable Angel investors, Matt Ocko, Tim Young and Ben Chestnut.